How comfortable are you saying “no” in your life?

So many of us struggle with saying no when people make requests of our time, space, energy, money, or love. We want to please. We want others to like us. We don’t want to be seen as unhelpful or unavailable.

So we say “yes” even when it doesn’t serve us.

Do that enough, and we become “yes people”, who are known for bending over backwards for others.

That’s great and all, but saying “yes” too easily will always come back to bite us.

Often times, saying yes without hesitation (especially when we feel don’t feel inspired to say “yes”, but do it out of a feeling of guilt or obligation), is indication that we aren’t aligning with our true self.

In today’s episode I talk about the challenge of saying “no”, and give you very concrete and actionable tips for strengthening that muscle within you.