I’m going to list off a bunch of things that will help you

get to know me more personally.

1. I’m passionate about the idea that we all can HAVE IT ALL. For me, that means living an abundant loving life. It’s a choice I make everyday. Some folks dig the idea as well (I’m referring to the podcast).
2. I also co-host a super rad show with my wife, Sarah. It’s called “Doing It At Home” and it’s all about home birth (yup, having babies at home). We started it when we were 8 months pregnant with our first child, and the rollercoaster has only picked up since then!
3. Currently, the roles most important to me are: creator, lover, husband, father, coach, entrepreneur, student, family man and friend. I’m absolutely loving being a father. Maya is the coolest. Being a husband is dope as well.
4. If you can’t tell by now, I’m a huge fan of podcasting. Not only as a producer, but as a brand builder and business owner. I’ve experienced few other mediums that allow you to connect with people in such a geniune and powerful way. It’s nothing short of awesome! 
5. I was born in California and grew up in the South. I love them both but feel more like a Southerner these days (even when I’m getting my boogie board on).
6. My top values are: Integrity, Love, Health, Family, Fun, Courage, Creation, Contribution.
7. I have a deep and strong love for Star Wars. In my office there’s a Darth Vader helmet next to my desk and mounted lightsaber on the wall. This is me being amped for the release of The Force Awakens.
8. I’m big into health and fitness. I started playing the YourDay Balance Game 4 years ago, and have seen my fitness explode. Here I am enjoying myself at Play!

9. I’m incredibly intentional in my life, especially these days. Yet I stay grounded by not taking things too seriously (I’m sure by now that’s evident). In the end I’m looking to experience love, fun, abundance, and joy with people I’m inspired to live life with.

My  personal mission statement

This is what I'm playing for in this season of life!

To play the game of experiencing life each and every day in full Beast Mode, with humility and childlike faith, while being authentic with my voice and choice and being ALL in, as I surrender to a life of principles, love and balance, in order to transform fear to love and scarcity to abundance, as I flow in the conviction of Peace.

what are you playing for?

© 2018 Matthew Bivens