Love and Fear.

It’s what all decisions in our lives can be boiled down to.

Love vs. Fear.

Fear can be one heck of a beast!

We all know because we all can recall times when we let fear overpower our ability to make clear decisions.

I lived much of my life in fear and can vividly remember making choices from a place a fear since early on.

And I also remember the feeling after those choices. The feeling of having to sit with myself knowing that I choose a lesser path.

This past weekend I faced a different kind of fear: the fear of physical death.

I JUMPED out of a plane, and in that choice I connected with so many other choices I had made throughout my life that illuminated the fact that when it boils down to the essence we always have a choice between FEAR and LOVE.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why jumping is always the precursor to living
  • Why you will probably choose fear again and again
  • How to break the fear cycle