In today’s episode I’m bringing you a great conversation I had with Adam Roa. Sometimes I feel like I have the coolest gig in the world, because I get to spend time hanging out with people like Adam. He is a coach, poet, speaker, podcaster and lover. I through that last descriptor in there because one of the ways in interpreted Adam’s mission is to help people remember that they are love, and to move them closer to a state of being love – towards themselves, others and life itself.

What I found awesome about Adam was his humility. I think it’s easy for people in the personal development space to have this heir about them that they know something you don’t. I believe it comes with the territory and is not always a conscious thing. When you’re helping people step into their greatness, you sometimes feel like you’re pretty darn great yourself. But I didn’t get any of that from Adam, and it was amazingly refreshing. It allowed our conversation to really take shape on its own, because there was no posturing by either of us. Just two guys choppin it about how we can all unlock our superpowers.

One of the coolest things I learned about Adam was that he is a spoken word poet. I found that awesome, and it was his poem “You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For” that inspired much of what we talked about in our conversation. Definitely check it out (click here to watch).

Overall, I walked away from my conversation with Adam with a slightly sharper lens to look at my own personal growth and healing journey through, and for that I’m extremely grateful.

I really hope you enjoy my conversation with Adam!

Show Notes: