Episode 280

How To Crush It When Working From Home For The First Time: Tips, Tricks And Mindset Strategies for Being Super Productive When Working From Home

Are you now being asked to work-from-home and you’re a bit nervous you won’t be able to do it successfully?
Fear not! I’ve been successfully working from home for 8 years, and I’m here to give you tips, strategies and ideas that will help make this time productive, enjoyable and easy. 
The myths that working from home are impossible, or that it’s a time for relaxing and taking it easy, have created a bit of a bias around the concept of being productive outside of the office. But truthfully, you can get MORE done at home in LESS time than  you would in an office, and I’m going to show you how. 
Magic (03:42)
Listener Love (10:25)
Working from home episode agenda (12:58)
My story of working from home (16:18)
Tips for successfully working from home (24:01)
What to watch out for when working from home (45:06)
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Influenced myself to prioritize my PC today by going to the chiropractor instead of buying into my “I gotta get all this stuff done!” time scarcity fears.
Maintaining my Faith 
Seeing opportunities in all the circumstances
Shout out to Stephani — being one of the first people to suggest a topical episode
Shout out to Brian — being one of the first to acknowledge the topical episode and connect with me
You might find yourself working from home.
I’ve been effectively working from home for 8 years. 
I’ve learned many ways to do it successfully.
successful meaning:
  • super productive at home
  • have increased my capacity for work (more clients, more projects, more responsibilities in the same amount of time)
  • health has increased DUE TO many of the things i do at home during the work week
In this episode I will:
  • share how I work from home right now (my setup, my schedule, my processes, my breaks)
  • give my essential work-from-home tips and tricks
  • things to watch out for
How We Do It
  • Week in my life
    • each day is different
    • up between 515-7a
    • i know what I’m doing each day, before the day begins
    • everything is on the calendar
    • rely on tight notes: daily tasks, weekly big rocks, monthly goals
    • limit distractions (put phone somewhere else, wear headphones)
  • have a designated work-from-home area, clear of clutter and distractions
  • get dressed for work
  • keep regular hours (whatever hours work for you) — structure your day like you would in the office
  • know what you’re doing before you jump in (set weekly big rocks on Sunday, review daily/weekly goals at beginning of the day)
  • put everything on the calendar — specific meetings/tasks and time blocks
  • get started early if you can (you don’t have a commute anymore)
  • limit distractions (phone away out of reach, tv off, headphones with white noise) — have a plan for what you’ll do with the kids, not always enough to give them some activities and say “Go keep yourself busy”
    • know that Email and Facebook (all social media) are going to try and tempt you like no other! Avoid them at all costs. 
    • use the timer on your phone and work in bursts (45 mins is a great place to start). put in a load of laundry and work all the way until it’s complete. then repeat!
  • make sure you know how to use any new tech that’s necessary (Zoom or virtual meeting programs, project management systems). make sure you’re internet is solid (a slow connection can kill your productivity)
  • schedule a lunch break!
  • get outside often (2-3x during the day) — you need sunlight in your life!
  • keep your PC high! stay active — sedentary lifestyle can be tempting
    • take breaks to stretch and move
    • drink plenty of water
    • exercise MORE
  • put a sign on the door to let people know not to distract you (great if you have kids)
  • create quality time with family and kids
  • resist the temptation to chill
Things to watch out for
  • not being watched or micro-managed, can be easy to get distracted or off track
  • stress eating
  • fixing things around the house (not doing what you’re supposed to be doing)
  • being too casual and comfortable (working in your underwear)
  • not setting boundaries (work space, work hours, communicating that to those who need to know)
Might seem new, and weird and maybe like a vacation! But if you’re expected to be productive while working at home (and you don’t want to spend even more hours working than you would at your office), you must approach this with intention and planning. 


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