Are you prepared for the next 12 months to be your best year yet?
I want to equip you with the tools to make next year the best it possibly can be, and in today’s episode I will help you do just that! For the past 3 years not I’ve been using a word for the year to help me accomplish my goals in the new year, and today I’m sharing with you a process for developing your own word for the year. 
Listen to this episode and follow this process, and I promise you you’ll go into the next year with more purpose, clarity and focus!

Rough Transcript Of The Episode

This has become an annual tradition, excited to help you leap into next year with purpose and intention so you can create your best year yet!
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Influencing myself to spend time sharpening my tool kit. Worked on my Personal Values. Recently had an opportunity to see that I wasn’t as tight with my values as I’d like, and so taking out time to do the work on myself was great magic. I reduced my number of top values, reprioritized them (Integrity is still #1), and updated what my values mean to me. Magical going through that process again, knowing how impactful it is to live a life aligned with my Personal Values.
Helen from Ireland on Instagram! Inspired by how you take the ideas on the podcast and put them into action. You’re amazing! keep BEING awesome Helen 🙂
As we head into 2020, many people are going to set new goals for the year and new years resolutions. Ask yourself: How successful have you been in the past with hitting your new years goals and sticking to your resolutions?
Most people suck at that. Before February even hits, most folks have given up on their resolutions. 
In my opinion, the reason why that happens isn’t because people are lazy or lack discipline, it’s deeper than your habits and what you’re DOING. 
See, goals and resolutions are often about what you want to DO. 
  • make more money…
  • get into shape…
  • find an awesome partner…
All of that focused on the DOING. 
You get caught up on the DOING, believing that if you just did things differently then you’d have different results. That way of thinking can quickly get you into judging yourself for not sticking to your healthy habits, or for dropping something you said you’d do. “I told myself I’d wake up at 6am each day and workout, but I stopped after day 3. I’m a piece of crap.”
Listen, failure happens. It’s a part of growth. 
But for some reason, when it comes to new years goals and resolutions, we totally forget that and hold these crazy expectations that we’re going to make dramatic and significant life changes, and we’re going to do them in areas we’ve never been able to change in, and we’re not going to give ourselves any room for stumbling along the way. 
And all of that happens when you’re focused on the DOING. 
My answer to that, and the essence of this episode, is to think about who you are BEING…FIRST!
Before getting into the DOING, I believe it’s vitally important to think about who you are BEING. 
Everything you experienced and attracted into your life in 2019 was a result of who you were BEING (the great things and the awful things). The average state of your actions, thoughts, feelings, relationships, all of that. that makes up your BEINGNESS. 
The actions you undertook last year all originated from who you were BEING. 
Does is makes sense why getting intentional on who you are BEING is so important?
In 2020, I’m sure there are things you’d like to see different in your life. From health to money to relationships to joy — all of that is great. Focusing on what you must DO to have those things is misdiagnosing the problem. The problem is deeper in that, it’s in your BEINGNESS, so that’s where you want to focus on FIRST, and then once you have clarity around that, move into what you will DO in order to make your dreams a reality.
So to bring this full circle, developing a Word For The Year will get you thinking more intentionally about who you want to BE in 2020, which will impact al the things you DO, which will lead to new results. 
I’ve been creating Words For The Year since 2017. Some of my past words were:
  • 2017 – Beast Mode
  • 2018 – Faith
  • 2019 – Transcend
2017 was a year of big risks for me. I did things in my personal life and business which scared the crap out of me. I remember confronting some of my deeply rooted beliefs around relationships, monogamy, masculinity, all of that, and feeling some truly massive fears and anxiety that sort of shocked my system. This was the first year I had developed a Word For The Year, and I’m thankful I had created one because I found myself connecting with BEAST MODE again and again. I would use it as affirmation, look myself in the mirror and remind myself what BEAST MODE meant to me. I would meditate with it in my heart, and use it to pump myself up before stepping into scary situations. That word helped me heal and grow in ways I didn’t know was possible for myself. 
My word for 2020 is “Love”.
For me Love is “a deep, intimate relationship with my SELF, OTHERS and LIFE”. I see incredible possibility for myself when my BEINGNESS is resonating at the frequency of LOVE. I see big opportunities for deepening my intimate relationship with my SELF. I want to continue and build upon the momentum i feel like I’ve created with Love when it comes to OTHERS. And I want to experience the magic as I feel more in love with my LIFE in general. 
I’m excited to look back 12 months from now and see how the word Love has shaped who I’ve become. 
Alright, let’s get into the actual process for developing your Word For The Year! 
This process has been refined over the years, and has helped hundreds and hundreds of people create powerful words that have supported them in creating amazing lives. 
**Reminder, grab the free tool that goes along with these episodes to see these steps written out, with some bonus stuff in there too. Go to
Here we go!
[Referred directly to the Word For The Year Tool for the remainder of the podcast]
That’s it!
Go and use this tool to help you become the person you truly desire to be in the upcoming year.
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Thank you again for joining me today! Just a few more episodes in 2019! Craziness. I’ll be back next week with more ways to help you create and live your best life.
My name is Matthew Bivens, here’s to you Having It ALL!