What is faith? How does it differ from religion and spirituality? And how can you grow faith in your life?
If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions then you’re going to get some answers in this episode!
I wanted to explore faith today because I know for myself, the idea of faith wasn’t always clear to me. In my mind I connected faith with religion, so when I left religion in my teen years I also left faith.
My understanding and experience today is quite different, and so is my relationship with faith.
I view our faith as a critical element on our journey for healing, growth, alignment, happiness and peace.
And faith plays a huge part of the Having It A.L.L. system. Remember, A.L.L. stands for Abundant Loving Life, and Life can be broken down into the 6 F’s: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance, Fun. It’s the first of the 6 F’s for a reason!
So today, join me as I explore what faith is, how it differs from religion and spirituality, and how you can cultivate your own faith (even if you’re staring from scratch).
Show Notes

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