Episode 285

What Station Are You Picking Up?

What kind of conversations and stories are you hearing these days?

I’ve been hearing and seeing such amazing examples of love, humanity, abundance and sharing. It’s been so inspiring and it has been so intentional. The reason I’m receiving such empowering vibes, is because my tuner is set to those frequencies. The beliefs and thoughts I’m choosing to hold in my mind support me seeing examples of love and abundance.

So again I ask you, what examples are you picking up?

Just like a car radio, you can tune your awareness to whatever station you want to pick up. Being aware of the station you’re picking up and the impact that station is having on you is so important, if you want to remain in your peace, joy and centeredness throughout the whole situation.

Full Show Notes

Today I want to ask you a question: What station are you picking up?

I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot of inspiring and loving stories. I want to share a few:

  • Woman at Target splitting her package of toilet paper with a stranger 
  • A local restaurant owner cooking up tons of food and sharing it with his neighbors
  • Sarah seeing a house inviting passersby to write loving messages in chalk on their fence
  • A father and daughter spreading love and joy to drivers
  • People on IG doing live story time for kids to help give parents a break

I’ve been picking up these stories because I’m tuning my receivers to that frequency.

Just like on your car radio. If you want to hear a certain type of music, you tune your receiver to a certain station. Want something else, tune to a different station.

You will see what you want to see. You will find evidence of the thoughts you’re replaying in your head.

Think about the radio in your car.

So in this circumstance, if you want to be hearing/seeing/feeling stories of hope and optimism, tune your radio to that frequency.

If you want to be receiving examples and stories of tragedy and pandemic, tune your radio to that frequency.

So, what stories and examples are you receiving? THat’s what you’re tuned into.

Thinking that things are hopeless and dire, you’ll find evidence to support it.

Thinking that things are hopeful and optimistic, you’ll find evidence to support it.

It’s the same principle that’s involved with Magical Moments — as you become more intentional to think about the MM’s in your life, spotting them becomes more effortless.

So, what stories are you seeing? what stories are you writing? what energy are you contributing to?

Share your stories of love, hope, abundance, community and humanity with me! I’d love to hear them and share them with others.

Email me at matthew@matthewbivens.com or DM me on Instagram @matthew_bivens


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