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I’m thrilled you’ve joined the TRUST Challenge. It’s going to be a powerful and magical experience for you. Read below for important info.

Be sure to check your email for a welcome email from me. 

You might have to do that thing where you mess with your spam filter to let me send you messages (sometimes it ends up in a spam folder). And sometimes it takes a minute to get to you, so just hang tight (maybe listen to an episode of HIA in the meantime!)

If you have any questions shoot them to me at

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I’m sure you know one other person who could use some confidence and magic in their life!

Shoot them the link below and let them know you’d love for them to join you.

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You all can hold each other accountable, do some of the tasks together, and watch as the magic unfolds in your lives!

I’m so excited to have you in the Trust Challenge! Here’s to you having many magical moments over the next 10 days.