Thank You!

Welcome to the Trust Challenge!

You’re about to massively level up your life by doing one simple thing: making deposits into your “trust account”.

Here’s how the Trust Challenge will work:

    • The 7 days of the challenge begin on Tuesday March 7th, 2023 and end on Monday March 13th, 2023
    • Each day of the challenge will focus on a different area of your health & wellness: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Sexual, Social, Fun (not necessarily in that order)
    • You will receive an email each morning of the challenge with a simple deposit (aka healthy habit) for you to perform
    • Your job is to get it done, NO MATTER WHAT!
    • That’s it 😊

Here’s what to do next:

    • Make sure my emails can reach your inbox. Gmail users, move this email to your “Primary” inbox. Apple mail users, add my email address to your contacts or VIP’s.
    • Invite a friend to join you in the Trust Challenge. Send them this link and tell them to get in on the action:

Be on the lookout for more emails from me in the days leading up to the start of the challenge on March 7th.

Until then, keep BEING awesome 😎✌️

Matthew Bivens

Your Balance Lifestyle Coach

PS: I sent all of this info to you in an email as well, you should have it in your inbox. Cheers!