Episode 286

How To Start Your Own Podcast: A Not-So-Short-But-Totally-Worth-It Dive Into Podcasting For Beginners

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Have you considered starting a podcast?

If yes: Awesome!

If no, why the heck not??

This is an amazing time to start a podcast: more and more people are listening each day, the space is not too crowded yet, your voice/story/message need to be heard right now, and you’ve got the time on your hands😉

So, I totally think you should do it. Seriously!

Podcasting has changed my life in ways I could not ever imagine, and I know it can offer so much to you as well.

In this robust episode I’m sharing with you tons of information about podcasting, including:

  • How podcasting has changed my life
  • Why you should consider starting a podcast right now
  • Myths that scare people away
  • How podcasting actually works
  • My process from turning your idea into a podcast
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Tips from a seasoned podcaster

Let’s dive in!

If you want to get in touch with me about podcasting or anything else, email me at matthew@matthewbivens.com or DM me on Instagram @matthew_bivens


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