So, in terms of your present comfort level, how do you feel about conversations about sexuality, intimacy, masculinity and vulnerability?
Got any butterflies in your stomach? Then this episode is totally for you!
A few months ago, in an episode I did with my friend Kyla, I talked about Orgasmic Meditation. If you don’t know what it is, you will soon! I’ve been practicing OM for 3 years now, and all this while I knew one person as the creator of OM — Nicole Daedone. She has a Ted talk and is very visible in the sexual consciousness circles. Little did I know that she had a brilliant co-founder for OM and OneTaste, the brand that is pioneering OM and bringing consciousness to sexuality. His name is Rob Kandell, and he’s my guest today!
Rob is a super fascinating guy. I definitely recommend you check out his website, and learn about everything he’s up to. Since co-founding One Taste, he’s gone on to lecture and coach on intimacy, relationships and sexuality. He’s currently the host of the podcast Tuff Love (that T-U-F-F), and he has a book coming out called unHIDDEN ? A Book for Men and Those Who Are Confused By Them
Rob and I spend the bulk of our convo talking about OM, Masculinity and Relationships. But one of the most interesting parts of the convo for me was when Rob started describing the free and open sexual community he helped build out in California. I was definiitely curious about thsoe stories!
So I’m very excited for you to listen to what I believe will be the first of many convos with Rob Kandell. Here it is!

Check out this episode!