What the heck is “otherness”?

I know I had that question swirling in my mind when I was doing my research on my next guest.

This concept of “otherness”, described in the way that my guest described it, was not framed in a way I was accustomed.

But what I learned in my conversation with Dale Thomas Vaughn was that otherness is rooted in fear, and fear is not the path to greatness.

I’m sounding like Yoda now, but I firmly believe that!

Dale Thomas Vaughn is a Renaissance Man, in the most pure sense of the word. He is a man of balance, purpose and sophistication, all of which we get into in our conversation.

Dale helps men rescript their beliefs of what it means to be masculine. Through his books, lectures, workshops and organizations, he is helping men discover their purpose so they can live more joyful and fulfilled lives.

Not a small undertaking.

Dale’s personal relationship to love and loving himself has been a journey that has literally taken him around the world. Love fuels his big WHY, and it’s at the core of who Dale is as a man.

This conversation was particularly powerful for me because I had an opportunity to examine beliefs I had around balance (a topic that comes up in the episode), as well as an opportunity to practice humility. I talked about that in last week’s episode.

Dale is extremely intelligent and has clearly put in the reps to become an expert on the subject matter he tackles.

Have some note taking material on hand because you’ll want to jot a few things down in this one.

Oh, and “The Myth Of Tomorrow” stuff…well you’ll just have to listen to find out : )

What you’ll learn in this episode:

What to do in the face of doubt and fear
How to uncover your big WHY in life
The 4 elements to being on path in your life
A science-based exercise to experience more of what you want in life