Episode 297

What Years Of Inconsistency Taught Me About Follow Through And Keeping My Commitments

Do you feel you lack consistency in some important areas?

One of the biggest challenges that people share with me is their lack of consistency. Sometimes it sounds like “I never follow through”, or “I lack dedication”, or “I don’t have perseverance when times get tough”. All of those shortcomings live under the umbrella of consistency, and it’s a real challenge that robs the joyful life experience for so many.

It did for me for many years. For most of my life I would never consider myself consistent, not in the areas that mattered most anyway. I could always find examples where I started something and stopped, where I wanted to do something and got all excited for a short period of time, then inevitably fell off. It seemed to happen again and again.

But there were two moments in my life that taught me some powerful lessons in consistency, that changed everything for me.

In today’s episode I talk about what I’ve learned about my own lack of consistency and what those two examples taught me that has transformed me into the consistent, dependable, trust-worthy person I am today.


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