Living a BOLD life is what Kimberly Rich is known for today. But her life wasn’t always described as bold.

For years she did what she was supposed to: got the degree, landed the job, worked the hours, joined the rat race.

However, a BOLD decision in 2013 sent her life on a path she never expected.

Kimberley is the creator of The Bold Life Movement, where she coaches aspiring entrepreneurs on how to live life boldly and on their own terms. In our conversation, we talk about the courage necessary to go against the grain and follow your passions, plus we discuss the realities of choosing the path of self growth and healing.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Kimberly’s recommended habits on manifestation
  • Kimberly’s #1 habit of health and wellness
  • How to learn when to say “Yes” and when not to