How do you define “rich”?

If you’re like me and most Americans, the first words that come to mind when you hear “rich” are probably about money or something financially related.

Makes sense. That’s the context we’re most used to hearing.

And I’m sure my guest thought that way as well for a period of time.

But somewhere during her journey her definition of “rich” shifted.

Maybe it was after hearing Nick Vujicic’s story (see the show notes).

Today Dee Reilly defines richness in terms of happiness and satisfaction, and has devoted her career to helping people live deeply fulfilling lives.

Dee’s personal story has its fair share of ups and downs, and that’s what lends her work more power. She’s been there. She’s experienced it. She knows what growing up without means feels like. She knows what losing her sense of security as an adult feels like. And she also knows what it’s like to dust herself off, continuing to believe in her ability to persevere.

These experiences, combined with her fascination with the scientific, measurable means to happiness, have put Dee head and shoulders ahead of others in her field when it comes to outlining how to feel happy, satisfied, and connected.

Dee is inspired to not only uncover ways the people can improve their lives, but find research backing her recommendations. She digs into the science behind everything that she teaches, so that she and her clients can sink their teeth into the information to create the most significant and lasting change in their lives.

She takes new age chanting and positive thinking, and uncovers why these things may and may not be effective, and get into the meat of what really works.

In our conversation we talk about beliefs and how they shape our reality, we talk about how to become an observer of yourself, and the power of coaching and mentorship.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

How to move forward even when you’re feeling “bad” about a situation
How to separate a person from their behavior so that you can accept and not judge
Why gratitude is the path to having it all