“I wouldn’t be here today, talking to you Matthew, if I didn’t make the decision 3 years ago to get healthy”

Shawn Manaher knows what it’s like for his body to fail him. A few years ago he woke up feeling numbness in parts of his body that he couldn’t explain.

And neither could his doctors.

But one thing Shawn knew was that things had to change, or he wasn’t going to be around much longer.

And what was he sacrificing his body for? What was that important that he was willing to put his health on the back burner to the point his loved ones felt it necessary to intervene?

….working 2 full-time jobs, that’s what.

A few lifestyle shifts and 60lbs later, Shawn is an example of what it looks like to take a hard look in the mirror, muster up some courage, and make some serious changes to your life.