Gregg Cluins is like a sponge that’s squeezed over a funnel.

[Great visual, huh?!]

Gregg is the type of guy who dives in head first and deep into the things he’s passion about, soaks up everything he can, and then shares it in a way where you get only the best stuff that you can take action on.

In his case, Gregg is passionate about Personal Development and improving his experience of life. Since his brother first handed him a copy of TITLE by Tony Robbins, Gregg was hooked on the idea that the could create the life that he wanted.

This led to years of studying, learning, applying, failing, evolving, and repeating.

Now, Gregg is at a place where he helps others improve their lives through and get themselves to where they want to be.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The hidden costs of working on yourself
  • How to move through your most debilitating doubt and fear
  • Why the concept of “balance” is not possible (and what is)