Episode 282

Stay At Home Date Night Ideas For Singles, Couples and Families (from Nancy & Bill Jamison of the Sex, Money & Real Estate Podcast)

Give me a virtual hand raise if keeping a “normal” schedule has been tough right now! Keep it up if your date nights were one of the first things to go as you shifted to staying at home.

At the time of publishing this episode, much of the country is entering week 3 of the stay-at-home experience because of the Covid-19 situation. Schools are closed, businesses are closed, and daily life has been thrown on its head.

I’m sure one of the first things to go has been date time, whether that’s with your partner, with yourself or with your family.

But I know that you know the importance of making that deposit. Carving out time for dating is one of the most powerful deposits you can make into a relationship, and it’s even more important now with emotions high and fear prevalent.

For today’s episode I’m doing something different, and I’m bringing you a great conversation from the Sex, Money & Real Estate podcast hosted by my friends Nancy and Bill Jamison.

The Jamison’s are a badass pair of business owners, real estate agents, Balance Lifestyle Coaches, and parents. They are an inspirational power couple that have navigated the ups and downs of being married for 20 years in such a real, raw and authentic way. There’s no sugar coating it: they’ve been through it in their relationship. From bankruptcy, to almost divorce, to figuring out how to break out of a codependent relationship and create something that is healthy, loving and intimate.

Their podcast Sex, Money & Real Estate contains their insights and advice for creating a relationship, business and life that’s sexy, fun, and rewarding. Check them out on Apple, Google or wherever you get your podcasts.

From this episode I hope you walk away with a few ideas you can incorporate into your life.

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