Episode 281

One Question To Help You Beat The Corona Crisis Anxiety And Get Out Of Your Head

Are you having a hard time staying present, optimistic and focused with the corona virus situation that has gripped the world and seems to be never ending?

You might be having a really tough time not feeling anxious, worried, scarce and stuck in your head right now. As the news seems to get worse everyday, it’s understandable that your perspective and hope for a resolution seems to get more dire each day.

This as an opportunity for us all, and even if you’re not in that headspace just yet, I want to share with you a question that can help you get back into a more grounded frame of mind where you can have a more empowering influence and impact over your unique situation. The question is: If you were to fast forward to when all of this has blown over, and you reflect on how you showed up during the time of crisis, what will have you feeling inspired by how you chose to show up?

Literally, think about when all of this is over and you’re reflecting back on how YOU handled it all, what is going to make you say to yourself “Wow, I’m so proud of myself for how I showed up!”

For example, with me I will be incredibly inspired if I am MORE giving and loving to others throughout all of this. If I’m reaching out to family, friends, current clients, former clients, people from my past, to genuinely check up on them and see if they need anything. Setting that intention, and following through on it, will have me feeling great about how I chose to rise up in the face of this adversity.

Performing the same exercise for yourself can truly help you get out of your head, and get into a plan of action that will restore your power and your ability to positively impact your situation.

So answer the question, make a list of everything that comes up for you, keep that list top of mind (print it up or put it on your phone), and each day work towards BECOMING that version of you.

As you do that you’ll be spending less time focusing on your problems and worries, and more time helping others, creating things, serving, innovating and overall just being in your circle of influence.


  • Magic (03:05)
  • Listener love (05:42)
  • Context around the one question (06:55)
  • The one question to ask yourself (12:38)
  • I want to personally help you if you need it (28:53)

Reach out if you’re struggling with everything going on
Seriously, if you want to jump on a Skype call because you’re having a tough time dealing, I’m making myself available to you. If you want some perspective or some advice, reach out. If you want me to cover something specific in an episode that will help you deal with everthign going on, reach out and let me know.

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Full Show Notes

So grateful you’re choosing to make this empowering, healing, loving deposit into your tank today!


Backing up my talk with my walk, and I’ve been doing everything that I’m about to share with you in this episode. My integrity is high, the way I feel about how I’ve loved on others through this is high, and the impact I’m seeing in people’s lives is real. And it’s something that you can experience as well, which is the real magic. It all comes down to CHOICE and how you choose to





Corona has created a lot of anxiety and stress for people. Understandably. Concerns with:
  • health
  • jobs
  • business
  • friends
  • long term effects

Been tough on all of us. No one is going unscathed. Everybody is feeling the impact (literally or energetically).

You can either look at it as a challenge or an opportunity. And at times you may switch back and forth. That’s cool. Play for wearing your opportunity glasses more often than not.

I believe you can emerge from this feeling empowered and inspired. Even if you’re currently experiencing anxiety, worry, fears, scarcity, and are having a really hard time getting out of your head.

You already know this, but I’m going to remind you: your ability to influence the situation lies in the present. In this moment. When you’re anxious or worried or regretful, you’re living in the future or the past, and you cannot do ANYTHING about the future or the past. It’s fine to think about those things for a moment, but don’t live there.

You know you’ve been spending too much time in worry if you are experiencing massive anxiety right now that’s keeping you from sleeping well, keeping you stressed throughout the day, creating pain in your head/chest/heart/stomach. All of that is indication that you’re not being present, and you’re giving away your power and ability to actually do something about your circumstance.

Again, I believe you can emerge from this stronger, more confident, feeling more empowered and overall just in a better state. And here’s how you do that. If you were to fast forward to when all of this has blown over, and you reflect on how you showed up during the time of crisis, what will have you feeling inspired by how you chose to show up?

For example: one of my intentions is to reach out to people and check in on people MORE than I would normally. I want to feel as if I was truly there for others, looking out for the wellbeing of others, rather than focusing on just myself. And so far I’m incredibly inspired by how I’ve chosen to show up. I made a commitment to be of service to others as best as i could. it’s looked like reaching out to people and asking how i can help them. friends, family, neighbors, my community, current clients, past clients, ex girlfriends. I’ve been consistent with reaching out to people everyday to see how i can serve or help them in any way. some have taken me up, some have not. That’s not the point. The point for me is to think of the wellbeing of OTHERS at a time when it’s so easy to just think about myself and my immediate family.

I’m also:

  • donate more of my time and energy — doing more pods, doing free web classes (learn how to podcast), thinking more and more how I can serve, offering my schedule to past clients, current clietns, and you all! email me and we can hop on a call if you need someone to vent to, need some perspective, need some coping mechanisms, anything — matthew@matthewbivens.com
  • shared my fears to inner circle, allow myself to be vulnerable. its been tough at times wondering how to lead my family powerfully. i know the stress of keeping that to myself can be damaging to me (it’s how i used to cope in the past – carry the weight myself, think i had to have all the answer, think that i couldn’t be seen as weak or having any kinks in my armor). ill be inspired if i bring something to Sarah that I’ve deemed necessary for me to get off of my chest.
  • keep my fitness high. maintain 90%+ on my BC. increase my meditations and taking time to stop, get present, be grateful.
  • practice something i haven’t done in a while. been crushing the ukulele!
  • work ON my business and my projects I’ve been meaning to get to. move things forward.
  • coming up with new fun things to do with Sarah and Maya

So, when you think back on how you showed up in the face of this adversity, the decisions you made and who you were BEING during these hard times, what will have you feeling INSPIRED by how you showed up? What is going to make you say “Wow, I am so proud that I did that!”

Make a list! Write these things down.

I will feel inspired by myself because I….

  • reached out to family I have not been very cool with
  • pushed my idea for a business forward
  • made my health a priority
  • was patient with my kids
  • got closer with my partner

Write down your intentions and what will make you feel inspired by yourself with this.

This situation is going to stretch you. And that’s okay. Let it stretch you. Know that feeling uncomfortable is a part of all of this. None of us are feeling fully comfortable right now. Everyone is having their lives impacted in some way. And no one knows when this will all end.

Again, you can either look at it as a challenge or an opportunity. If you view this as a challenge then you’re more likely to just hunker down and try and get through. If you look at it as an opportunity you’ll find that you’re more optimistic, more resourceful, more resilient, more empowered, more creative, more patient.

Don’t forget!

Reach out to me if you need anything right now. I will do my very best to accommodate. Happy to jump on a Skype call with you. To set something up email me at matthew@matthewbivens.com or message me on Instagram @matthew_bivens


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