This powerful conversation stemmed from a tip a friend gave me, “Matthew, you have got to interview this guy!”

The guy I was being encouraged to speak with was Mike Mills.

Mike is an exceptionally unique guy. He has what I call the Small “s” success and Big “S” Success. Mike is the owner and operator of the Buffalo Outdoor Center, a lodging and outfitting resort sitting on the historic Buffalo River in Ponca, Arkansas.

The Small “s” success is the thriving business that Mike has built over the past 40 years.

The Big “S” Success is the way that Mike describes his experience of life: Heaven.

In this conversation, Mike shares his story of growing up paddling the Buffalo River, learning discipline from his father and the Marines, jumping into entrepreneurship with little money and even less business experience, and growing a world renowned outfitting resort that attracts heads of state, National Geographic photographers, and thousands of nature seekers each year.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

How a letter from his father became the biggest challenge in Mike’s life
Why society doesn’t encourage the pursuit of dreams
A common trait all world-changing entrepreneurs possess