Episode 287

3 Types Hobbies You Want To Have In Your Life

Do you have any hobbies?

I’m talking about those things you do during your down time simply because you enjoy doing them.

Maybe you’re laughing to yourself thinking, “I don’t have any leisure time, I’m way too busy” or maybe you have one or two things you enjoy but don’t do them frequently enough to consider them hobbies.

Well at the end of this episode you’re going to feel inspired to intentionally create new hobbies in your life.

Hobbies provide so many benefits including stress relief, improving physical health, better performance and creativity at work. Hobbies also help you stay in an abundant mindset, because you don’t fully enjoy a hobby unless you have let go of time scarcity.

Today you’ll learn why hobbies are important, how to change your feelings around being “busy”, and what the three different types of hobbies are. 

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