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Why I  LOVE podcasting

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Reason one - podcast popularity is rising

Podcasting is a growing medium, and people are eating them up. Currently more people listen to podcasts regularly than go to the movies. It’s a bandwagon that pays to jump onto.

Reason two - your listeners stick around

People who enjoy podcasts listen to all or most of a podcast (at least 85%). How many people do you think are reading your whole blog post or watching your entire video? Through podcasting you capture the attention of your listener for longer.

Reason three - Cream of the crop

Podcast listeners are well educated and, on average, have a higher income than other groups. Businesses are wisening up to this savvy group and are turning to podcasting to reach them.

Question is, are you?

my podcasts

These are all of my podcasts! Each one speaks to a different passion of mine. Enjoy!

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